can i earn points by sending money with western union? yes!

Every time you send money with your gold!card, you earn points that you can exchange towards savings on transaction fee paid. Every transaction counts!

your gold!points depend on the destination you send to:

25 points from Qatar to: India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Bhutan, Maldives or Sudan

35 points from Qatar to: Philippines, Lebanon, Palestine, Jordan, Egypt, Iraq, Syria, Indonesia, China, Morocco, Ethiopia, Yemen, South Africa, Thailand or Vietnam

75 points from Qatar to: all others

Your points are automatically added to your gold!card.

can my points bring me savings on transaction fee? yes!

125 gold!points   = 15 QAR savings
200 gold!points   = 25 QAR savings
300 gold!points   = 40 QAR savings
400 gold!points   = 50 QAR savings

Exchange your available goldpoints for savings today! Points expire after 2 years if not redeemed.

can i exchange my points easily? yes!

You can exchange your gold!points online or by calling our gold!card customer service on 00800 200 03.

Once redeemed, a saving can not be split on several transactions.

western union gold!card brightens your life

every transaction counts!

  • automatic points accrual
  • great savings on future transactions
  • free SMS transfer notification
  • points exchange on line
You can benefit from your gold!card by visiting your nearest Western Union Agent location today!