Is my western union gold!card free?

Yes, your western union gold!card is free of charge.

How can I apply for a gold!card?

Click here or sign-up for your gold!card in any western union location.

How will I receive my gold!card?

If you apply for a gold!card online you will immediately get a confirmation e-mail and/or SMS with your personal gold!card number which you will use for any future transaction.

If you apply at point of sale, you will get your gold!card at the counter.

How can I use my gold!card received by e-mail and/or SMS?

You just need to provide your personal gold!card number every time you do your transaction in order to enjoy your gold!benefits.

Can I get a plastic gold!card?

If you apply for gold!card online you will get your personal gold!card number by E-mail and/or SMS which gives you the same benefits as a plastic card. However if you wish to get a plastic gold!card please call the gold!card customer service

Where can I use my western union gold!card?

You can use it on www.westernunion.co.uk. or in any participating western union location.

What are my gold!benefits?

To discover your gold!benefits, please click here.

If I loose my gold!card number or have my gold!card stolen, should I reapply for a new gold!card?

Do I still need to show my ID when I send money with my gold!card number?

Yes, it’s necessary since western union gold!card does not replace your ID.

What happens if I applied for my card before 25th August 2009?

If you applied for a western union card before 25th August 2009 you will continue to benefit from your current program. To access your gold!account, click here.

Can I update my details online?

Of course, just send us an e-mail including your personal gold!card number and we will update your profile. You can also log on to your online gold!account.

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